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The Belgian Cycling Factory is the biggest cycling company of Belgium. Our rich expertise helps us to distinguish ourselves in terms of technology, materials and designs, every day again. With our brand, Ridley and Eddy Merckx, we want to play a leading role in the world of cycling, just as our Belgian cyclists have done thrughout the entire cycling history.

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Our projects

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Design racing bike 2.0

Type of project: innovation project
Grant amount: € 134,920

The fastest bicycles in the cycling industry are manufactured in a classic way: the frame by one manufacturer, the wheels by another. Designing a racing bike as a whole, from spoke to stem, can significantly improve aerodynamics. An insight that Ridley Bikes and Scope Cycling want to capitalize on via CrossRoads2.

Total approach
Thanks to hyper-specialization, the parts of the fastest bikes in the peloton are manufactured separately from each other. A bicycle frame and an accompanying wheel set are manufactured by various manufacturers and only assembled afterwards into a full-fledged racing bicycle. Ridley and Scope want to break through that pattern, with the support of CrossRoads2. They aim for a prototype in which they sketch, design and test all parts together, with special attention to aerodynamics. By adjusting the frame and wheels during that process, they aim for a streamlined, faster bike that saves time.

There are many steps between the drawing board and the production line. Ridley and Scope first want to make a concept study and then work towards a prototype. With the expert help of Flanders Bike Valley, the Flemish innovation center for the bicycle industry, they are putting that model to the test in a wind tunnel. By meticulously adjusting the design based on adverse gas and wind currents, the racing bike should become the cream of the crop in aerodynamic terms. If the Aerodynamic Wheel-Frame Interaction project is successful, Ridley and Scope would like to market the developed fast bike.

Cycling to the 21st century

With the support of:
ESF – 32 000 €
VCF – 48 000 €

Just as cycling is inextricably linked to progress / growth, we are also a Belgian player in the cycling market. We therefore wish to involve all our employees, and more specifically those who really need it, taking into account the 21st century challenges. This project focuses on 21st skills in our company and involves all employees with a strong focus on short and medium-skilled employees.

100% Limburg Bike

A showcase for innovation from Limburg, made by Limburgers, with a Limburg experience

100% Limburg Bike
Europese Unie
Provincie Limburg

In the 100% Limburg Bike project, the consortium is developing a very light, strong and advanced bicycle frame, in which the knowledge and expertise present in Limburg are brought together in one knowledge product: the 100% Limburg Bike. The 100% Limburg Bike is a showcase for innovations from the region. Innovations are implemented from the semi-finished products to the business model of the racing bicycle. Innovations are also being made in the field of Material and production technology, Sensors and ICT.